4-Spindles V-MCT

4-Spindles Vertical Machining Center
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Device Specifications






   4 Spindles Vertical Machining Center


   250 mm


   250 (Tool change position: 600)mm


   300 mm

Spindle - 

   ISO/CAT 40 / HSK-A 63 (Holder)



 Max kW 

   4 x 5.5/3.7 (60% operating zone)

 Max Nm 

   4 x 23.5


   4 x 6 (Tool 150 mm)


   2,800 x 5,500 x 3,150


   Fanuc 35i-b / SINUMERIK 840 D



Development Purpose

So far, the machine tools with just one spindle have made up the largest part of machine tools 

market. If the work pieces increased in excess of designed capacity, the users have had no 

choice but to expand production facilities, which led to rise in production cost. 

Our 4-spindles V-MCT has been developed to resolve the above problem. Adoption of 4 spindles 

allows users to machine 4 work pieces at the same time (4-spindles V-MCT is four times 

productive as 1-spindle V-MCT). This feature enables users to have cost competitiveness 

under high wages.




4 spindle machine enables users to maximize productivity by 

    adoption of 4 spindles (Machining 4 work pieces at the same time). 

Z axis of 4 spindle machine is controlled separately.

    This feature allows users easy correction by each axis and 

    reduces time required to tryout. 

Users can reduce the cost of automation system by 75% compared

    to the case of existing machine tools. 

Space saving by tool change in all 4 spindles at the same time. 



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