Gantry Robot

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Device Specifications







   Single 2Axis, Tandem 3Axis(Z-2Axis)



 Max Traverse(X) 






Max Speed(X) 

   180 m/min


   60 m/min(Option)


   120 m/min








   1200x1100x860(mm) The distance between Arm is 900mm



▣ Features

Flexibility in response to customer demand

MGL250 enables flexibility in response to customer demand such as delivery time and layout design by adopting standard traverse beam module of Maxrotec.

By adopting standard modules of Maxrotec, both of single type (I type) and Tandem type (H type) are available.

By adding a function of ARM Shift-axis (Maximum 2-axis), adding, remodeling and change of lines are easy.


Easy maintenance and cost saving 

Maintenance is easier by adopting flat rails and standard rollers of Maxrotec suitable for high stiffness • high speed system.

Minimizes maintenance cost by adopting wireless (infrared-ray communication) system


Suitable for transferring medium sized work pieces 

MGL250 is suitable for transferring medium and large sized work pieces whose weight is 30~50kg (Heavy Crank  shaft, Cylinder head, Cylinder block, TM case, etc.)


Combined to various standard large sized machine tools


Large sized Horizontal machining center, Line machining center, etc.


Applicable NC system

Wired gantry loader : MITSUBISHI, FANUC, SIEMENS

Wireless gantry loader : FANUC, MITSUBISHI


▣ Video

  If your requirements differ from the above standard, please visit our Q&A board at the bottom.