Maxrotec has tried to be a company that makes its best endeavors with continuous technical development and enthusiasm
since its establishment in 1995.


In-Hwan Kim

Thank you for visiting the Maxrotec website. 

It’s a great pleasure for me to contact you on the Internet.

In 2003, Maxrotec introduced a wireless gantry robot system for the first time in Korea. Maxrotec has grown to become one of the leading companies in the industrial robot  sector and has supplied gantry robot systems to numerous car and machine manufacturers.

In 2009, Maxrotec constructed a production line for precise machining of automobile engine components with our own technologies and started manufacturing of engine cylinder blocks. In addition, we have continuously developed and released innovative products such as PKM (Parallel Kinematics Machine) and 4 Spindles V-MCT since the founding our company. We are now making efforts to advance into global markets and contribute to creating values for customers.



We will continue management innovation so as to react adequately to rapidly changing business environment such as the rapid growth of m-Business. As a responsible member of the society, we will protect the rights and interests of all interested parties including customers, shareholders and employees now and forever.


We always wish the best for you and your family.


Thank you.