Maxrotec has tried to be a company that makes its best endeavors with continuous technical development and enthusiasm
since its establishment in 1995.



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In 2003, Maxrotec introduced a wireless gantry robot system for the first time in Korea. Maxrotec has grown to become one of the leading companies in the industrial robot  sector and has supplied gantry robot systems to numerous car and machine manufacturers.

Today, the fourth industrial revolution in our industry is expected to drive a huge increase in demand for automated systems at the industrial site.

We are not complacent. Based on the mission of "Creative Evolution" we strive for continuous development and value creation in preparation for the upcoming industrial revolution.

The development of a metal 3D printer that is actively leading the automation of industrial sites, combining countless experiences, technical skills, laser processing and IT technology, will inform the world of MAXROTEC evolution.

  Through continuous technological development, such as automation and metal processing, we will become the leader of the fourth industrial revolution and develop into a company that contributes to national economic development.

 We always wish the best for you and your family.


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