Apr  Selection of a strong youth friendly company
Aug  Initiate Metal 3D Printer Output


May  Selection of projects for fostering the economic cooperation rights industry
Jun  Selection of Pre-World Class enterprises
Jul  Selecting Instrument-Connected 3D Printed Material Technology Development Project
Nov  Venture enterprise The Prime Minister's Award
Dec  Obtain the Women and family Certification for the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family


Mar  Conclusion of MOU for HMM technical cooperation
Nov  The Korea Robot Awards Daegu Market citation



Jun  Patent of “Transferring roller unit of gantry loader for the 
        precise transfer of materials” 
Jul   Being designated as a World Star Company in Daegu 
Oct  Patent of “Combination structure of small gantry loader”  
        Patent of “Detachable structure and installation methods of 
        gantry loader for transfer of materials” 
Nov  Best Robot Enterprise award from Korea Institute for Robot Industry             Advancement
Dec  20 Million Dollar Export Tower at the Annual Trade Day Ceremony



Mar  Patent of "The gripper device for transfer of automobile cylinder head” 
Apr   Patent of "Combination structure of facing head” 
May  Foundation of joint venture company in China 
Aug  Completed the construction of 2nd factory in Seongju General                        Industrial Complex
Sep  Presidential Prize for contribution to local industry advancement
Nov  Listed Company in the stock exchange (KOSDAQ)
Dec  Commissioner of a regional tax office prize



Jun  Designated as a hopeful small-and-medium 
        export company.
Jul   Designated as an Excellent Star Company in Daegu.
Oct  Received the prize of Small & Medium Business Administration
        in Korea Venture Foundation Show.

Nov Patent of “The gripper replacement device for industrial material
        transfer system” 



Apr  Started mass production in GM engine block line.
Sep  Invited agent investment.
Dec  Received a Daegu-Gyeongbuk Advanced Venture Prize from the
        Small & Medium Business Administration.


Mar  Installed mass production equipment in the engine block line.
Jun   Started mass production in engine block line.



Apr  A new industry-academy agreement (on wireless gantry robots)
        with Kyungpook National University
Jun  Selected as a Star Company in Daegu.
Jul   Acquired ISO/TS 1649:2002 authentication.
Dec  A Export Prize on the World Fair Trade Day – the Minister of
        Knowledge Economy



Jan  Concluded an Export Incubator Agreement (with the Small and
        Medium Business Corporation) – Dispatch to Russia
Feb  Concluded an OEM agreement on wireless gantry robots with
        Giken, Japan.



Feb  Selected as a technology-innovational small-to-medium
Mar  Established an affiliated R&D institute.
Jun  Selected as an excellent technology company.
Aug  Selected as a management-innovational small-to-medium
Sep  Factory was moved with amendment of firm name.
Nov   A new factory was constructed.



Mar  Developed 7-axis gantry robots.
Jul   Acquired ISO 9001 authentication.
Dec  Received an Excellent Venture Company Prize.



Jun   Developed 12,000 rpm high-speed spindle
        (through an industry-academy consortium project).
Aug  Registered Utility Model No. 0359159
        (a carrier loader support structure).
Aug  Registered Utility Model No. 0359399
(a carrier loader material supply device).
Oct   Registered Utility Model No. 0365653
        (the carrier using spatial communication).
Nov  Exported FA lines to SGM (Shanghai GM Motors)
         in Yantai, China.
Dec   Developed air-floated linear units.


May  Initiated technical cooperation with Japan on wireless gantry robots.
Nov   Developed a high-speed vertical machining center.


Dec  Selected as an excellent venture company.


Apr  Registered as a venture company.


Jun  Operated an exclusive R&D department 
       (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)


Feb  Developed high-speed spindle
       (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials)


Jul  The corporation was established.